I’m Mukunth, a science writer and editor in India.

I’ve set up this blog to share my notes on science, science communication and skepticism in India. I also write about the national media landscape from time to time.

My principal professional accomplishment to date is that I was a member of the founding team of The Wire, India, and am currently its science editor.

If you want to reach me – my email is available on The Wire Science homepage, and I’m on Twitter as @1amnerd. Comments are disabled here.

Until recently, this blog was called ‘Root Privileges’. But that name was the product of a preoccupation with technology and programming that I haven’t had for quite some time now.

Instead, ‘Symmetry Breaking’ refers to one of a few concepts in physics that I have been fascinated with for a decade, probably longer. (Others include resonance and fractals.)

To understand what it means, I recommend this exposition by physicist Anthony Phillips, published by Aeon in 2018.